Corporate Profile

Sudarshan Saur is the most premium and trustworthy brand harnessing solar energy for domestic applications through ETC & EPC technology. Established in 1989, Sudarshan Saur Shakti Pvt. Ltd. has earned a distinct name in the Indian market for its quality products and lifetime service commitment. For about three decades, the Company has been dedicatedly engaged in the manufacture of wide array of Solar Power based products, with highest market share in Solar Water Heaters. In the recent times, the company has also rolled out many innovative products like Solar Electricity System through net metering, connecting many Indian households to power grid, Luminark Solar lamps and Fiado Heat Pumps, has the largest dealers network across India and is rewarded for 'highest sales' and the 'best service network', by Govt. of India.

The company has established strong footprints of trust and transparency and over the years, with sustained research it has strived to make the rural life bright and easy.


Our vision is to make India energy surplus and empower the lives of rural as well as urban people in India, more happy and prosperous. We also endeavour to make the optimum use of naturally abundant solar power to make our country self-sufficient.


  • Our mission is to make dedicated research to bring out cost-effective and user friendly solar energy solutions to benefit the humanity.
  • We also have set the mission to provide environmentally compliant, clean & green energy power solutions, by harnessing the abundant solar energy.