• E.T.C. FAQ'S

    • How reliable is the E.T.C. system?

      The E.T.C. (evacuated tube collector) technology was first created and researched in renowned institutes of Germany and Australia. This has been successfully implemented across the world. It is proven to have had a reliable impact in countries such as the USA, Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain and China.

    • Is there any possibility of glass tube breakage? Any preventive measures required?

      The evacuated tubes are made from specially developed thick borosilicate glass which can resist hail stoning even up to 1st size so after installation the chances of tube breakage are almost nil. The only precaution is that cold water should enter the system during afternoon hours when sunshine is maximum. In case of accidental breakage of glass tubes it is very easy to replace them, and they would be made available by our dealers. So there is absolutely no need to worry about glass tube breakage.

    • What are the advantages of E.T.C. as compared to the F.P.C. system?

      Sunrays remain perpendicular to the absorber tube surface of the E.T.C. system, thus providing higher efficiency By only varying the number of evacuated tubes, different capacity ranges can be designed, thus making the system more economical cost-saving. The F.P.C. system uses expensive metal such as Copper or Aluminium, while the E.T.C. system only required glass tubes. This making the system cost-saving. In E.T.C. systems, the solar water heater and the plumbing area are not close to each other, hence the temperature of the water remains unchanged.

    • Which capacity and model would be ideal for my home?

      To determine this, you have to keep the following in mind: number of people in your home/number of using points/length of pipeline from the system to the using point. Various models are available in different water quality capacities. If you click on the Customer Care Selection in our website, you will find a user manual on E.T.C. system that will help solve all your queries.

    • Is the E.T.C. system suitable for hard water?

      Yes, the Wonder Ultimate (Glass Lined) model is best suited for all kinds of water-since it has a special glass-lined tank which prevents deposition of scales or impurities in the inner side of the tank. A few stains or particles may stick to the lower half of the vacuum tube but this can be cleared with the proper servicing that we at Sudarshan Saur can provide you.

    • What maintenance and servicing is required?

      In areas water hardness is higher, or when there are a lot of suspended impurities and dirt present in the water, stains can accumulated inside the vacuum glass tubes. By removing the evacuated tubes, these can the cleaned off, with the aid of proper servicing and plumbers, who you can contact through registered Sudarshan Saur dealers. Ideally, it is recommended for you to contact servicing of your system atleast once a year, where your vacuum tubes and hot water tank would get serviced, and the rubber parts such as seals, grommets would be replaced, if required, as well.