Heat Pump FAQ'S


    • What is Heat Pump?

      Heat pump is nothing but reverse Air conditioner, The only difference is we use it for heating instead of cooling . As we use it in heating mode it is highly efficient.

    • Can We Run Heat Pump Continuous For 24 Hours?

      It's not suggested. No heating equipment should be used 24 hours a day. If we run heat pump whole day, the life span will be reduced. Also heat pump is same as Air conditioner so it's advisable to use around 8 hours so as to maximize the life. Clever use of a heat pump is using it as required.

    • How Much is Efficiency of Heat Pump ?

      Heat Pump is four to five times efficient as compared to electric heaters, boilers, oil or diesel fired equipments. It uses atmospheric heat which is heated by Sun and hence only little amount of electricity is required to run the compressor.

    • How COP Varies with Different Atmospheric Conditions ?

      As ambient temperature increases the COP also increases. It is generally 4-5 at ambient temperature of 20 degree Celsius. It reduces to around 2.5 as temperature reaches to 0 degree Celsius.Also it is more when temperature difference between two heat-exchanging fluids is more

    • What are Precautions for Installation ?
      • Use of strainer / filter is recommended as it will prevent choke up of heat exchanger
      • Install heat pump & controller preferably under shade to prevent fins and fan from choking due to leafs/garbage.
      • Install heat pump where sufficient ventilation is available.
      • Install heat pump near electrical connection (single phase/three phase as recommended)
      • Use stabilizer if too much voltage fluctuation in your area.
      • Use pressure regulator valve if required, use shut off valves to make it easy for servicing
      • If Water is Hard or above 300 ppm then use softner at the inlet
    • Who are the Users ?

      Hotels – Because space is very important for hotels more over when it comes to terrace. Also Hotels require hot water 24 hours 365 days, may it be cloudy/rainy or winter season. Heat pump require very less space and it can even be kept inside or ground floor.

      Swimming Pools - because no other technology is as successful as heat pump in heating swimming pool. Also there is lack of space to install solar to heat such huge quantity of water every day.

      Metro cities – Main reason Lack of space, So only option is heat pump

      High altitude areas/Northern Parts of India – The reason here is lack of radiation from sun , Also in winter season there is fog all over so almost no sunshine available. Hence heat pump is very cost effective solution.