Crystal Blue Glass Lining Model

when corrosion strikes, almost nothing escapes!

  • Corrosion affects most kind of metal surfaces
  • In solar water heating systems, it can affect the inside of the tank
  • Thise especially happens in areas which have hard water
  • Hard water has chloride content which can even corrode tanks of stainless steel material
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The Stages of Corrosion

    1 Stage
  • Initial pit forms
  • 2 Stage
  • Auto catalytic process speeds up as concentrated solution becomes more aggressive
  • 3 Stage
  • Leak occurs as pit breaks through outer surfaces

What is crystal blue glass lining?

It is non-stck coating created by melting special glass material in an automatic furnance at a very high temperature (around 850°C).

‘Glass Lining’ is an internationally renowned technology in solar water heating systems to help provide clean hot water.

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Crystal blue glass lining in the tank, clean water for life!

    Benefits of Crystal Blue Glass Lining
  • Gives you clean and hygenic water for bathing purporses, thoughout your life
  • Ensures no particles stick, bond or react with the tank
  • High quiality international standard glass coating keeps the tank free of rust and corrosion
  • Makes the system suitable for all kinds of water
  • No scalling or dirt deposits occur inside the tank
  • Since glass is a good insulator of heat, water remains hot for longer