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Corporate Profile

Sudarshan Saur is the most premium and trustworthy brand harnessing solar energy for domestic and commercial applications through various technology. Established in 1989, Sudarshan Saur Shakti Pvt. Ltd. has earned a distinct name in the indian market for its quality products and lifetime service commitment. For about three decades, the company has been dedicatedly engaged in the manufacture of wide array of solar power based products, with highest market share in Solar Water Heaters. In the recent times, the company has also rolled out many innovative products like Solar Electricity System through net metering, connecting many Indian households to power grid, Luminark Solar lamps and Fiado Heat Pumps, has the largest dealers network across India and is rewarded for 'highest sales' and the 'best service network', by Govt. of India.

The company has established strong footprints of trust and transparency and over the years, with sustained research it has strived to make the rural life bright and easy.

Why Sudarshan Saur?

  • Rich and prolific experience in solar energy technology of about three decades.
  • Strong legacy of world-class quality products and unflinching service commitment.
  • Strong legacy of trust and transparency
  • Ultimate technical expertise that has taken us to niche position in the solar energy domain.
  • The only company awarded by the Govt. of India, for "highest sales" and "best service network".
  • Highest SP-1A rating by the Govt. of India.
  • Dedicated customer care unit for lifetime service and support to every customer.
  • The only company promising full value to your investment in solar energy products.
  • Millions of happy customers across India.
  • Continuously striving to bring out more innovative and cost beneficial products to bring smiles in the lives of our countrymen.


approved by the nation for serving your home!

We have the distinction of being the only company to have won two Govt. of India awards.

Why Solar?

    Solar Water Heaters use solar energy to heat water in your homes. This results in you saving on a great many things.

  • Saving on expenditure due to electricity bills
  • Hot water available 24/7.
  • Accident free operation
  • Saving of resources such as coal, LPG, firewood
  • Plus, solar water heaters help you save the envirnonment as well